Przedsiębiorstwo ELPOL Elżbieta Muzolf

Elpol specializes in freezing of mushrooms and forest fruit such as raspberry, blueberry, cowberry, cranberry as well as fruit that is not very common in the market, including rowanberry, Swedish whitebeam fruit, hackberry, dogwood, rosehip, hawthorn or blackthorn. The company also realizes individual orders for edible wild plants such as nettle, goosefoot, ground-ivy and pine shoots. The company aims at propagation of forgotten natural tastes and traditional cuisine as well as the idea of use of wild treasures of our meadows, fields and forests in your kitchen.
Any marinades, juices and purees are made on the basis of traditional regional recipes and use of local products. Mushrooms, forest fruit and herbs are picked in the Bory Tucholskie and Puszcza Bydgoska. Popular fruit is supplied by the horticultural farm kept by the Klimkiewicz family in Wtelno. Elpol also uses forgotten fruit such as mirabelles, field pear and wild apple.

ul. Bośniacka 10
85-162 Bydgoszcz
GPS N53.11595 E18.01848 (WGS84 decimal)

Production & Processing 
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