Dyrskuplassen i Seljord

Every year, since its inception in 1866, Norway's largest trade and agricultural fair Dyrsku'n has gathered around 90,000 people from all over Norway. Dyrsku'n has a large food quarter full of local food producers, offering a wide range of homemade and exciting quality products. Dyrsku'n gathers more than 740 companies that welcome you to a good bargain and enjoyable days at Dyrskuplassen.

Pictures: Dyrsku'n / Dag Jenssen

CONTACTS:Dyrskuplassen i Seljord
Nordbygdivegen 60
3840 Seljord
Telephone 35065770
[email protected]
GPS N59.4774226 E8.6143049 (WGS84 decimal)

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