Amberslåtta Gård

Meat straight from the farmer.
From the farm Amberslåtta in Drangedal we offer first class Grass Fed Limousine meat directly from the farm. It is also possible to buy whole and half animals for those who have the opportunity to cut down themselves. Suitable for commercial kitchens, catering and restaurants. Please contact for price agreement.

The animals are born and raised on our farm, slaughtered and packed at Jens Eide Slaughterhouse and delivered in packages of approx. 10 kg. We can offer distribution along E18 from Lillesand in the south to Oslo in the north.

CONTACTS:Amberslåtta Gård
Torstølveien 8
Amberslåtta Gård
3750 Drangedal
Telephone 907 29 925 / 923 12 000
[email protected]
GPS N59.08117 E8.83396 (WGS84 decimal)

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