Restoran Kaštil Slanica

Built on the old walls from the Middle-Ages the tower Slanica is today the monument of the 16th century. Under the rule of Kačić dukes from the 12th till 14th century, Kaštil Slanica was a safe refuge for the famous Omiš pirates.
After the 14th century, when the strong Turkish force appeared in the neighbourhood of Omiš and Poljica, Slanica became a marketplace. The most common product in trade was salt (salty = slano), so the trade station was named Slanica.
As a part of centuries-old history of the canyon, today the restaurant Kaštil Slanica stands out with unique ambience and its gastronomy associated with its past and environment.
You can enjoy dishes from the Cetina River (frogs, eels and trout), the sea (seafood) and the hinterland such as bread and meat baked under the peka, snails and homemade dalmatian frittes, just like the famous pirates of Omiš used to.
Due to the ambience and vicinity of the Island of love, Kaštil Slanica is an ideal romantic place to organize a wedding of your dreams.
As a special attraction for the groups, we can offer Pirate night in the Cetina River canyon.


Restaurant Kaštil Slanica is located in the Cetina River canyon, only 4 km away from Omiš and the sea.
Open every day

Kanjon rijeke Cetine
21310 Omiš
Telephone Tel: 00385(0)21 862 238 Mob: 00385(0) 98 813 680
[email protected]
GPS N43.4434458 E16.7337308 (WGS84 decimal)

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