Stella Croatica was the first Croatian company to receive the HALAL certificate.

For many years Stella Croatica has been considered a recognised producer of traditional Dalmatian hand-made delicacies.

The story of our products started in 2002 on the island of Mljet, following a long family tradition of growing our own home-grown products.

Wanting to take our idea a step further, we started collecting old recipes for local delicacies. Using only our home-grown olives, figs, almonds and other fruits, and following carefully the advice of our grandmothers, we took a real adventure - the creation of the finest Dalmatian delicacies, the creation of Stella Croatica!

Top-quality olive oil, desserts made of figs, walnuts and citrus fruits, healthy honey snack, a variety of tasty and cute cookies, jams and spreads are part of our unique offer. Considering their carefully designed packaging, our products are deservedly referred to as premium boutique products, and more importantly – true gastronomic souvenirs of our region.

Not only have our products kept all the rich flavours of Dalmatian nature but they have also been filled with love and care of the people who are still preparing it in the old-fashioned way – manually – complying at the same time with all the food regulations and standards.

Since the very beginning the production has been done according to the HACCP principles, while the new production facility was build according to the same principles. Also, Stella Croatica was the first Croatian company to receive the HALAL certificate.

We believe that all of the above confirms are true commitment to developing top-quality delicacies in order to bring you closer to all the rich flavours and scents of Dalmatia, the Mediterranean as it once was.

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