We grow Avocados in Alanya and deliver them directly to your home in healtiest and easiest way.

What is Avocado?
Avocado is the name of a tree which is reside in flowering plants family and the tree's fruits are called Avocado as well. Fruits may have diffrent shapes such as globe, oval, ellipse or pear- shaped and vivid colors; green, red or purple. But the color of fruit's endocarp is whitish or yellow.

How is Avocado consumed?
Avocado shall be consumed when it's tender. A ripe, ready - to - eat avocado is slightly soft but shall not have any dark sunken spots or cracks.

A firm avocado can be ripened at home in a paper bag or in a basket at room temperature within a few days. As the fruit ripens, the skin turns darker. But we recommend you to hold the fruit in your palm and begin to press very gently against it's surface for understanding the the level of ripenning. When the fruit is ready - to -eat, do not keep it at room temperature any more, Otherwise the whitish part of fruit turns darker quickly


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