Here is the place that you will find different product variations and have a delicious breakfast venue. Alaiye Gourmet connoisseurs, natural, unadulterated and true taste regional products tables for those who use the service. We don't use chemical admixtures in our products. We select our products carefully for you and offer a hygienic manner.
There are many local private production cheeses at Alaiye Gourmet, such as:
İzmir tulum cheese
Balılkesir cheese,
Manyas cheese,
Hatay cheese,
Erzincan Tulum cheese
Elazig Savak Cheese,
Kars kaşar cheese,
Kars Çecil cheese,
künefe cheese,
Cypriot halloumi cheese,
imported cheeses (Roquefort, parmesan cheese, cheedar, guada)
Vakfıkebir and Afyon natural butter.
delicious kinds of cheeses for wine and cheese

And also you can find the products of Turkey’s one and only Goat milk processor factory. 100% of goat milk and cheeses made by goat milk are sold in Alaiye Gourmet too. Another special taste you may see in Alaiye Gourmet is custom production sheep yoğurt. We are sure that you are going to love this consistent yoğurt

The Aegean region’s organic olives and olive oils are presented in our Culinary Heritage point such as ; custom production of extra virgin olive oil, olive oil which is produced by old traditional methods has been made with high-quality lithography and early harvest extra virgin olive oil and stuffed with lemon and orange olives.

You have chance to cook delicious meals through adding Pepper paste (produced traditional way), tarhana ( a kind of soup mix), pickles or Pommegrate sauce in pot, and all these ingridents are sold in Alaiye Gourmet.

Would you like to try several kinds of jams which are produced by vegetables or fruits from Alanya garden’s? Alaiye Gourmet offers you to try traditional eggplant, orange, quince, peach, japanese medlar, mulberry, apple, watermelon, fig, tomato and others. Our jams don’t contain glucose syrub or coloring admixtures.

Natural dried grapes, dried mulberry, dried tomato, apricot kemel, Medina persimmon and and various of dried nuts are available in our shop.

Finally, you can have breakfast any time at the world of delicious breakfast ,Alaiye Gurme. You can choose what you like to at breakfast or we can serve you a traditional Turkish breakfast, it is up to you.

Be sure that you will be pleased when you drink Turkish coffee after a delicious, healthy breakfast. As a famous Turkish poet (Cemal Süreya) wrote one of his famous poem, breakfast is related to happiness.

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