The cabin of Włóczykij is a beautifully situated wooden cottage with a view over the mountains and foothills.

The intimate atmosphere of the place and the fenced property makes you relax, here in an intimate atmosphere.

There is a young vineyard by the cottage, a playground, a fireplace, a playground for children and a neighboring grove full of mushrooms.

On the farm there are rooms for 2-4 persons, a TV and a WiFi.
The hotel has a kitchenette, a cozy room with a fireplace for approx. 20 people and a canopy for approx. 60 people.

We provide recreational equipment, sports, maps and folders about the region.

We offer meals at the farm or in a neighboring shelter of Good Thoughts, famous for its regional dishes with beans and sour soup.

It is the perfect place for a family holiday, staying for two or occasional integration meetings.

We will help you plan your free time, we will suggest places worth a visit, we will organize a sleigh ride or feast at a
bonfire with regional nourishment.

Renewable energy is used in the cabin of Włóczykij.

Welcome to the summer holidays, the winter holidays, camps and landscapes.

Jamna 46
32 - 842 Jamna 
Telephone +48 603 811 711
[email protected]
GPS N49.7683371 E20.8301986 (WGS84 decimal)

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