Fabryka Pasji Celka Ewelina Morys is a company whose primary activity is catering.

The company is located in the Schronisko Dobrych Myśłi in the picturesque village of Jamna, in the Rożnów Hills.

The Schronisko Dobrych Myśłi is a wooden log cabin with a large viewing terrace, where you can forget about the everyday life and have experience of the wonderful moments, enjoying the delicious cuisine, varied with traditional dishes.

Our flagship dish is Żurek po chłopsku.
Unusual dishes are also Dunajeckie Otoczaki or Kociołek Włóczykija. Also worth mentioning is the Placek Gaździny.

The Schronisko Dobrych Myśli is a home with a soul for travelers wishing to spend free time away from the crowdy city.

Jamna 46
32 - 842 Jamna 
Telephone +48 510 573 218
[email protected]
GPS N49.7724277 E20.8383679 (WGS84 decimal)

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