We offer a rest in luxurious and cozy conditions in a lovely house. There is a lot of green space aroud of the house.

We offer stay with meals, but there also is possibility to buy delicious homemade meals, only.

We accept pets.

In our kitchen, we use products of local origin and what we grow ourselves. Of course, seasonal cuisine dominates.
We make various types of preserves for the winter (preserves, plum jam, cucumbers, pickles, various salads, sauerkraut, beetroot, pickled and dried mushrooms, syrups, juices, ketchups and much more).
The vegetables come mainly from the home vegetable garden.

In addition, we take advantage of the abundance and wealth of forests and meadows.

We bake sourdough bread in a wood-fired oven, make cold cuts (sausages, hams, bacon, pates), make butter, cheese, bake various types of cakes.

The dishes are simple, not very exquisite, but our guests eat them because they often bring them memories and flavors from childhood.

When you come from us, you can be sure that you will rest and spend unforgettable moments.

Gładyszów 52
38 - 315 Uście Gorlicke 
Telephone +48 18 355 03 03; +048 694 914 985
[email protected]
GPS N49.519271 E21.261803 (WGS84 decimal)

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