The farm is located in the manor and park complex in Rzuchowa (Pleśna Commune) in the area of the Ciężkowicko-Rożnowskie Foothills and conducts both animal and plant production.

The farm is characterized by high biodiversity and covers an area of nearly 20 hectares.

The farm keeps dairy cows of the polish red - white breed for the needs of manure to fertilize the soil for crops.

On the area of about 1 hectare, various vegetables are grown, the dominant of which are: "Beautiful Jaś" beans from the Dunajec Valley (PDO regional product), red beet, potatoes, pumpkin
and cucumbers.
Part of the plant production is also strawberries of the old Senga-Sengana variety, pumpkins of the "Bambino" variety, chili peppers and currants.

The farm is the winner of the 2015 competition for the Best Ecological Farm in the Małopolska Region , in the category of "organic commercial farm".

Rzuchowa 1
33 - 114 Rzuchowa 
Telephone +48 608 424 660
[email protected]
GPS N49.950835 E20.922168 (WGS84 decimal)

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