The history of the mill in Klecza dates back to the 18th century.
In the beggining, it was a wooden mill, working by water. It was rebuilt in 1928.

After modernization and changing of power supply in 1944, the mill is electric and works till today.

Stanisław Wisiorek and his son work in the mill since 2010.

Flour is produced without adding chemicals, improvers, bleaches, etc. The grain for milling comes from malopolska's local farmers, among others: from Radocza, Chocznia, DIOGRA Graboszyce, Zator, Wołowice, Biskupice, Liszki, Polanka Wielka and Przeciszów.

The mill is under constant control of the Sanitary Inspectorate from Wadowice County.

Klecza Dolna 111
34-124 Klecza Dolna 
Telephone +48 33 823 28 30 +48 662 820 017
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GPS N49.883363 E19.529394 (WGS84 decimal)

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