Агроусадьба «Усадьба Бабы Мороз»

The agro-homestead is located on the banks of the River Dysna in the smallest city of Belarus. On the plot of the agro-homestead there is a large orchid, a vegetable garden, a greenhouse, a lawn, a swing, a barbecue, a children's playground - everything you need for great entertainment and recreation!

Guests are offered:
• overnight accommodation for 6 persons in a summer house and a bathhouse, for a large number of guests – tent sites;
• garage, parking place;
• bathhouse, access to the river;
• room for organizing celebrations for 45 persons;
• tours in the city and surrounding areas;
• boat renting, bicycle hire;
• fishing, tackle;
• flklore- entertainment programmes (by prior arrangement).

"Homestead of Baba Moroz" offers dishes of the culinary heritage of Belarus from natural products grown on the plot of the homestead.


Special offer: “Potato babka with bacon”

Cheese butter in Dysna style is served together with it that is given a special attention at the homestead. In the 16th century, such butter cost 4 shillings more than the English cheese in England. Therefore, at the beginning of lunch, along with the story about Dysna the hostess offers the butter mixed with cheese and white pepper as cold snacks. Sometimes it is replaced with green butter mixed with the parsley, mint, lemon juice and white pepper.

Recipe of “Potato babka with bacon”:
Grate potatoes, add the egg, flour, black pepper, onions, salt and chopped bacon with a thin layer of meat. Bake babka in the oven.
At the final stage of the preparation, dish must be greased with butter and sour cream. Serve with the sour cream, butter, canned vegetables, as well as with a tot of cordial!

ул. Заречная 10
 Дисна, Миорский район
Telephone +375 29 9245333, +375 33 6137414, +375 2152 37281
[email protected]
GPS N55.566437 E28.214149 (WGS84 decimal)

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