Агроэкоусадьба «Фортуна»

The agro-farm "Fortuna" is located on the shore of Lake Osveyskoe and is a favourite place for staying in an ecologically clean area, banquets, corporate parties, national folk festivals and other celebrations.

Guests are offered:
• overnight accommodation for up to 20 persons in a comfortable guest house and a separate guest house on the shore of the lake with all the amenities;
• rent of two boats;
• fishing;
• fish soup on fire;
• excursions to Verhnedvinsk District and the Osveysky Nature Reserve with a guide, transport services;
• horseback riding.

The agro-farm "Fortuna" offers dishes of the culinary heritage of Pridvinsk from natural products grown on the plot of the farm.


Special offer: “Velokoselskye burachniky”

Boil red beets for 1 hour, cool down, peel and mince (blender). To 500 gr. of the grated beets add 3-4 tablespoons of high quality wheat flour, 2 raw home eggs and salt to taste. Chop 2 medium-size onions and lightly fry them in vegetable oil. Mix it well (whip by a spoon). Fry in vegetable oil as yeast pancakes. Serve hot with sour cream. It is considered a dietary, nutritious and delicious dish. They are recommended for children.

д.Великое Село 16
 Верхнедвинский район
Telephone + 375 29 7146562
GPS N56.011610 E28.181404 (WGS84 decimal)

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