Агроусадьба «Достаток»

The farm “Dostatok” /“Prosperity”/ is located in the small town of Belarus in a very beautiful place on the bank of the Western Dvina River. On the agro-farm both family leisure supporters and individual tourists can be comfortably accommodated.

Guests are offered:
• overnight accommodation for 6 persons in three rooms;
• a bathhouse complex with sauna and a relaxation room with a fireplace;
• bathing, boat and fishing gear renting;
• a walk in the ecologically clear pine forest;
• board games, sports equipment;
• boating campaign on three rivers, hiking and cycling;
• trips to the cranberry bogs and mushroom places;
• familiarization with local attractions;
• photo session in national costumes;
• services of a masseuse and a professional tamada.;
• organization of meetings with local ethnographers, experts of folk songs and ceremonies, masters of folk crafts, artists who play folk instruments, etc.

The agro-farm “Dostatok” /“Prosperity”/ serves dishes of the culinary heritage of Belarus prepared according to the best and proven recipes from organic ingredients from their vegetable garden and compound.


Special offer: patties "Garezy" and cranberry drink with mint.

Recipe of the preparation of the patties:
The patties “Garezy” are prepared from a mixture of boiled and grated potatoes. For the filling use fat minced pork with boiled sundried porcini mushrooms. A distinguishing feature of these patties is that during the preparation of minced meat, caraway and black pepper mixture is used. The patties are baked in the pork fat. They should be served with sour cream or onions fried in lard.

ул. Кирова 18
г. Дисна
 Миорский район
Telephone + 375 2152 37259, + 375 29 8940182
[email protected]
GPS N55.568031 E28.217245 (WGS84 decimal)

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