Агроусадьба «Мазурный берег»

The farm "Mazurny bereg" is located in a picturesque place of Disna Region on the bank of the River Dvina, on the border of the Miory and Polotsk districts, 2 km from the highway Polotsk - Braslaw. The farm contains a cottage (big house), 2 guest houses, a bathhouse with a room on the second floor, an original dining room fitted for barbecue and a separate spacious living room with large tables and benches. The agro-farm is designed for 20 persons, but if necessary, it can accommodate up to 30 persons.

Guests are offered:
• accommodation;
• catering;
• parking;
• bathhouse;
• boat renting;
• fishing, hunting;
• going to the forest to pick mushrooms and berries;
• organization of celebrations and corporate events.

The agro-farm “Mazurny bereg” offers dishes of the Belarusian culinary heritage from ecologically products.


Special offer: «Pyachisty»

Mutton (usually leg) is salted with various seasonings for two hours. Bake the large chunks in the oven until brown. Serve with a garnish - vegetables, potatoes, etc.

д. Мазурино
 Миорский район
Telephone + 375 33 7182124, + 375 2152 37101
GPS N55.35412 E29.703248 (WGS84 decimal)

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