Любительское объединение «Стайскія прысмакі»

The Amateur Society "Stayskіya prismaky" was created in 2005. It includes business people of the village of Stai and Stai village council, who are addicted to the folk traditions of their region. The main activity of the society is returning forgotten traditions of Belarusian national dishes cooking with their regional characteristics. Recently, participants have understood that the interest in the national cuisine is inextricably linked to other forms of cultural heritage and expanded the field of activities of the society: began to collect folk songs, games, rituals and legends. The composition of amateur society has 15 members of different age; the eldest of them is 80 years old.

Guests are offered:
• traditional national cuisine;
• local games and dances.


Special offer: “Klecky z dushamy” of Stai

Peal big potatoes for night. In the morning, grate them on a grater. Squeeze thoroughly. When the water is separated from the mass, add starch to the squeezed mass; salt, add a little flour, and stir it. Cut bacon and meat into pieces; add the cumin, salt, onions. Fill the prepared mass. Make potato dumplings and boil in water.

The recipe has been written by M. M. Kalituho, the eldest member of the society.

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