Агроусадьба «У Петровича»

The agro-farm “U Petrovicha” is located on the bank of the West Dvina. It is a good place for resting and fishing.

Guests are offered:
• overnight accommodation for up to 10 persons in 3 well-appointed rooms;
• Russian bathhouse;
• 2 barbecues;
• children's pool;
• fishing from a boat (possible with a motor);
• transport services;
• mini-zoo;
• tent and 2 inflatable mattresses;
• excursions to Vitebsk (Polotsk, Verkhnedvinsk, Miory, Mosyr and much more).

The farm “U Petrovicha” offers dishes of the culinary heritage of Belarus and Latgale from natural products grown on the farm.


Special offer: “Bulbeshniky”

Boil potatoes in their skins, slightly cool down, peel and mince with salt. Meanwhile the potatoes are boiling, you should fry a cabbage or prepare any other stuffing (meat, mushrooms, cottage cheese). Add an egg and flour to the potatoes and make dough from which you should make circles. Take a circle, flatten it, place the stuffing, press the edges together and make a horseshoe shape.
"Bulbeshniky" can be baked in the oven and then fried in vegetable oil until golden brown, or just fried and served with sour cream, butter or makanka /dip/. Bon appetit!

ул. Кирова 22
аг. Узмёны
 Миорский район
Telephone + 375 2152 33237, +375 33 3178764
GPS N55.739774 E27.919567 (WGS84 decimal)

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