Destillerie & Weingut Thomas Sippel

The winery and distillery Thomas Sippel is located in the middle of the over 1200 year old village of Weisenheim am Berg. Our wines as well as our marc come from our own winery. From local farmers we get hand-picked and full-ripe fruit for our distillates. Strictly after the motto "less is more".

Modern distilling technology, perfect fruit and the ability to distill finest distillates are the best conditions to create the best spirits.

Our goal is to produce pomace and fruit brandies that perfectly mirror the aromas of the fruit as it has been maturing on the tree or bush. In addition to fresh juniper berries, we distill 14 herbs and essences in our gin. Also our vodka and whisky, made by Sippel, are very popular ...

We offer guided tours, for you to discover our distillery and try some exquisite spirits. For further information please visit our website. We are looking forward to your visit

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CONTACTS:Destillerie & Weingut Thomas Sippel
Bobenheimer Weg 2
67273 Weisenheim am Berg
Telephone +49 (0) 6353 93046
[email protected]
GPS N49.51427 E8.15502 (WGS84 decimal)

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