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The story of the Bassermann-Jordan winery is the story of a family dynasty which, together with others, established and greatly influenced quality-based viticulture in Germany for almost 300 years. Each generation produced great personalities who used their intelligence, expertise and flair as well as their financial and political influence to safeguard and improve the reputation of the winery and the outstanding wines produced in the Palatinate area of Germany – until they ended up among the top echelon of the wine world.
As respected politicians they have contact with the most influential personalities of their times and contribute greatly to the improvement of the legal and regulatory framework concerning viticulture. As patrons of the arts, they donate valuable objects to a variety of museums and render outstanding services to preserve the cultural heritage of the Palatinate region. As scientists, they work on improving wine-growing methods and write the definitive book on the history of viticulture. As experts in viticulture, they neither spare costs nor efforts to consistently develop their skills, their knowledge and the quality of their estate.


These days, the historical wine cellars in Deidesheim stand first and foremost for the traditional aging of wines in wooden casks. The precious liquid matures gently in century-old sandstone vaults. This is where we produce our sparkling wines using the traditional bottle fermentation.
In addition, our state-of-the-art vinification facility provides us with the option of producing wines at the highest technical level; this type of installation is primarily used for the modern, fruit-driven wine production. As a rule, we believe in gentle and natural fermentation without artificial additives.


The name Bassermann-Jordan has always stood for excellent locations. Our winegrowing sites in Forst, Deidesheim and Ruppertsberg cover 49 hectares and include more than 20 different single vineyards. One third are top rated vineyards such as Hohenmorgen, Kirchenstück and Jesuitengarten.

With a passion for research and entrepreneurial energy, with a quest for innovation and concern for the preservation of our cultural heritage, we have, for centuries, worked on cultivating methods that increase the quality of our wines. In doing so, we have always given absolute priority to the careful handling of the grapes and focused on selection involving painstaking manual work. The result is individual wines full of character.
This does not mean that we are going to stop working on ways to improve our wines. We have, for example, a great interest in organic methods of cultivation and we believe in preventative pest management through the use of natural products and still more manual work. This leads to a flora and fauna that boasts biodiversity and supports our efforts to produce sustainable wines that are in tune with Mother Nature. In addition, we are investing money to carry out research into further cultivating methods that are geared towards climate protection.

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