Tryffel of Sweden

Tryffel of Sweden offer truffle from Gotland and processed Gotland truffle products. The truffle from Gotland has a fantastic flavour. We have combined the truffle with food where the taste evolves into a marriage between the two of them. We have for example Truffle butter, Tryffioli (truffle mayonnaise), Truffle salt and Truffle in Whisky. We use only fully ripe Gotland truffles combined with as natural and local produce as possible.
The products are sold in our farmshop Esters lada, in our ambassador store Bertholdsson & Holm in Visby and many other stores around Gotland. Orders can also be put at the company website.
The truffle growing wild on Gotland is a “genuine” truffle of the species called Burgundy truffle or autumn-truffle, Tuber uncinatum.
Tryffel of Sweden is a company situated on Gotland. It was started in 2008 by four foodies that passionately love truffle from Gotland. Since then it has grown by adding more products and partners, and we intend to develop it further – because one never can get enough of truffles!

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