Sjöbo Gästgivaregård

You will always get a warm welcome at the inn in Sjobo, Sjobo Gastgifveri. There has been an inn on this site since 1630, the current inn was built in 1901 and was inspired by Grand Trianon, the pleasure palace at Versailles. In 1749 Carl von Linne visited the inn and planted two elms, one of which is still standing. The main dining room emphasises local cuisine and in the Oxogat, guests can enjoy homely fare everyday of the week. There are 10 letting rooms.


Kitchen: Mon-Sat 11.30 a m- 9.00 p m and Sun Noon-5.30 p m.

Hotel: Mon-Sat 07.00 am - 9.00 pm, Sun 8.30 am -5.30 pm.
Additional opening times can be arranged on request.

CONTACTS:Sjöbo Gästgivaregård
Gamla Torget
270 30 SJÖBO
Telephone 0416-120 75
Fax 0416-127 06
[email protected]
GPS N55.63105 E13.70731 (WGS84 decimal)

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