Meat Processing Plant Joachim Matejka was founded in 1989 in Opole. It is a family business with a long tradition, oriented on manufacture of traditional products of the highest quality. The scope of activity of the company is primarily a dissection of pork and beef and cooked meats production.

The company has a network of 38 own shops and runs wholesale trade of meat and preserves. Since its inception, we have been cooperating with Joseph Matejka slaughterhouse, local breeders and farms. This ensures safe and secure supply of raw materials, the freshness and quality of meat.

The offer consists of a wide selection of sausages, smoked meats, poultry products, ripening and offal products. Since years the company has been selling pork, beef,poultry and turkey. Our products can be easily used during preparation of daily meals, barbecues and celebrations.

ul. Przelotowa 19
45-661 Opole
Telephone +48 77 402 95 00
[email protected]

Production & Processing