Rolnicza Spółdzielnia Produkcyjna w Kruszewni

The Cooperative in Kruszewnia was founded in 1952. It has been manufacturing butcher’s products since 1989. The production is based on old country traditions, with the use of fresh, highest quality meat and natural seasoning.

The meat for the production comes from our own farm and from the nearby slaughterhouses. Smoking takes place in traditional smoking chambers using alder tree smoke. The Cooperative produces country sausages and gentry style sausages, blood puddings, brawns and liver sausages.

ul. Spółdzielcza 37
62-020 Swarzędz
Telephone +48 61 81 72 578
Fax +48 61 81 81 935
[email protected]
GPS N52.375206 E17.102001 (WGS84 decimal)

Production & Processing 
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