Restauracja „Jaśkowa Zagroda”

The Restaurant offers its guests delicious, traditional and regional cuisine, based on top-quality raw materials coming from the neighbouring areas. All dishes are prepared directly in the restaurant, according to family recipes. Seasonal dishes, characteristic of our region, are also served.

The menu comprises, among other dishes, czernina soup with grey noodles, the Parzybroda soup, soup with boiled potatoes, kaszok (in English: black pudding) with potatoes and cabbage, beef roulades with buckwheat porridge and beetroot, pierogi, and many more.

To additionally stress the regional roots, the Poznań dialect was introduced to the nomenclature of the dishes served.

During the banquets and other events, restaurant guests are served with fully-traditional Wielkopolska cuisine.

ul. Poznańska 23
62-090 Rokietnica
Telephone +48 61 670-62-44
[email protected]
GPS N52.485145 E16.727779 (WGS84 decimal)

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