The farm is located in a small village near Kalisz – Czempisz. Guests can enjoy dishes prepared by hand from natural ingredients in accordance with traditional recipes.

Products submitted to bear the Wielkopolska Culinary Heritage logo are: dumplings, Silesian dumplings, croquettes and potato dumplings. These products are preservatives-free. Wheat flour is purchased at the nearby Kraszewice Mill, meat used for making dumplings and croquettes comes from the organic farm owned by Mr. Jarosław Pietrzak, who runs his own slaughterhouse; however, potatoes are supplied by Mr. Tadeusz Pejaś from Opatówek, who won the “Wielkopolska Farmer of the Year 2012” competition.

These dishes are prepared for guests staying at the farm, including wedding guests (during organised weddings), and for sale (currently packed products can be bought at the nearby marketplace).

The farm received a distinction in the “Competition for the best agritourism farm in Wielkopolska” in 2012 in the “rural accommodation property” category.

Czempisz 35
62-874 Brzeziny
Telephone 62/769-87-29
GPS N51.579816 E18.284254 (WGS84 decimal)

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