ETERNO – the flavor of the family passion

From the love to good food, connecting and extracting the flavors, we have created the ETERNO, which is the family company manufacturing fruits and vagetables preserves. In ETERNO already works three generations.

All our products are natural, contain no preservatives. All products by Eterno are created according to our own, unique and well-tested recipes.

Our priority is the quality and the clients appreciate the oryginal and unique flavor of products. We started from the „Lemons with rum” , which till today is our bestseller. Because of our great passion, now we can boast a range of 50 exclusive preserves of the highest quality. Each of them is prepared with the big commitment and caring about every detail. For the production we select the best quality fruits and vegetables from the local farmers and growers. We manufacture the products which support the Curtural Heritage of Mazovia, returning to old, family, domestic recipes.

Find out the happiness of trying the ETERNO preserves, create delicious and natural dishes, become the connoisseur of the flavor with us!

Ul. Przejazdowa 27
05-800 Pruszków
[email protected]
GPS N52.169012 E20.804946 (WGS84 decimal)

Production & Processing 
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