Annual Forum in Pomorskie Region 1-3 October 2012


Dear members of Regional Culinary Heritage Europe!
We invite you to the Pomorskie region in the northern part of Poland just along the Baltic Sea!

The Culinary Heritage region of Pomorskie in Poland will be your host for the 12th Annual Forum of the European network of Regional Culinary Heritage! Pomorskie is situated in the northern part of Poland and the biggest city in the area is Gdansk. Please study and for more information about the region.

Who should participate?
The event will take place in the Pomorskie Region. Regional network managers/coordinators, representatives of regional organizations of the European network are invited to participate in the Annual Forum as well as the field trips.
We ask the regional network managers to pass this invitation on to your regional business members – it is a great opportunity for them to meet colleagues from other regions of the European network and get new ideas from the study trips to local business members in Pomorskie. As always we would like to stress the importance of inviting as many of our business members as possible. Special programme will be arranged for them.

The content of the Annual Forum
At the Annual Forum 2012 we want to put focus on development of competence within our network, branding, marketing and our new website. As usual we will not forget sharing our experiences.
Since we normally have too much to discuss for one day, we have prolonged the Annual Forum meeting to 1½ day. On the second day of the Annual Forum we have an optional programme for study visits to business members in the region.
We would like you to stay at least two days in the beautiful Pomorskie Region in Poland and its surroundings. We hope that you will find it interesting to participate both in the formal meetings and the optional field trip.

The training course (theoretical part) will be arranged 4th of October.

The deadline for registration is 20th of August. Please use the registration form enclosed in this letter.
The deadline for payment and cancellation of the participation fee is 10th of September.

We look forward to see all of you in Pomorskie!
With best regards,

Madelene Johansson
European Coordinator

Mieczysław Struk
Regional Licence Holder
Culinary Heritage Pomorskie Region


Forum Programme

Monday the 1st of October

Arrival and check in at;
1. Accommodation for Regional Coordinators & Licence Holders: Hotel CHOPIN

2. Accommodation for business members: Inn “Lipce”

18.30 – Departure by bus from Inn Lipce and Hotel CHOPIN
18.45- Arrival to Center of Gdańsk
19.00-21.00 Welcome dinner in Gdańsk Old Town - Restaurant “Gdanska”
After dinner walking through the streets of the old city of Gdansk (Mariacka Street).

Tuesday the 2nd of October

Coordinators & license holders
7.30-8.30 Breakfast “Culinary Heritage of Pomorskie”
9.15 Bus departure
10.00-17.00 Annual Forum. Separate agenda.
Venue: The Gdańsk International Fair AmberEXPO in Gdańsk
17.00 - Bus departure to Hotel Chopin

Business members
8:00-9.00 Breakfast “Culinary Heritage of Pomorskie”
9.30 Bus departures from Inn Lipce
9.30-16.30 Field trips to business members of Culinary Heritage Pomorskie
I visit - Dairy cooperative in Skarszewy
II visit – Agricultural Farm in Więckowy (High Quality Beef) in the municipality Skarszewy
III visit – Agricultural School - Center for Practical Training in Bolesławowo
16.30 Bus departure to Inn Lipce

Joint program for all participants
18.00 Bus departures from hotels
19.00-21.00 Dinner in Malbork Castel with participation of the Marshall of Pomorskie Region, Regional Licence Holder of Pomorskie region. Welcome to new members of Culinary Heritage.
22.00 Back to the hotels

Wednesday the 3rd of October

Coordinators & license holders

7:00-8:30 Breakfast - Table of delicacies Kociewie, Kashubian, Old Gdańsk and Mennonites
8.45 Bus departure from Hotel Chopin
9.00-12.00 Annual Forum. Separate agenda. Venue: Pomeranian Agricultural Advisory Centre in Gdańsk
12.00-13.00 Lunch at Pomeranian Agricultural Advisory Centre in Gdańsk
13.00 Bus departure to Hotel Chopin
Optional Program or departure home.

Business members

7.00-8.00 Breakfast - Table of delicacies Kociewie, Kaszubian, Old Gdańsk and Żuławy
8.30- Bus departure from Inn Lipce
9.00-12.30 Field trips to business members of Culinary Heritage Pomorskie, lunch included
I visit - Butcher “Jan and Marian Sychta” in
Miechucino (Specialisation: traditional cattle and pigs)
II visit - Agritourism farm „U Chłopa” in Chmielno
11.30-12.30 Lunch Agritourism farm „U Chłopa”
12.30 Bus departure to Inn Lipce Optional Program or departure home.

Optional afternoon program (obligatory for participants in training)

14.00 Departure from hotels
15.00 Centre for Education and Regional Promotion in Szymbark
15:30 Bread baking
16.30 Brewery “Kaszubska Korona”
17:00 Excursion around the Centre with many attractions such as The Up Side Down House, The Longest Plank in the World, The biggest piano in the world etc.
19.00 Joint dinner at Biesiadna Hall.
21.00 Back to the hotels

Thursday the 4th of October

7.30-8.00 Breakfast
Departure day for participants who attended the Optional Program
08.30-17.30 Training course lead by European Coordinator. Separate programme for participants.
19.00 Dinner

Friday the 5th of October
Departure day for participants of training course

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Fest of Traditional Food

This year's edition of the festival was accompanied by culinary competitions. These competitions were held in two categories for the best traditional dish and best traditional product. Among the products, the selection board assessed the four sub-categories: best regional products of animal origin, the best regional product of plant origin, regional beverages and other regional products.


category of best regional dish: Agroturism "Ola" for guinea fowl stuffed with buckwheat and mushrooms
category of best regional products of animal origin: Marian Cieśliński - smoked riblets
category of best regional products of plant origin Teresa Kropidłowska for blueberry jam
Regional drinks category: Agroturism Gawryś for Pomeranian "Bzówka"
Category other regional products: Halina Łucfor Gdansk's wreath

In order to strengthen the promotion of traditional food of Pomerania, with its culture and history - was conducted promotional campaign, involving the distribution of traditional product - cranberries with pear.

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Tastes Festival Toruń 2015

For the second time Pomorskie Region participated in Tastes Festival, organized during the Tourism Fair "WYPOCZYNEK".The event was held on 14 - 15 March 2015 in Exhibition Centre "PARK".
In addition to the recreational and tourist offer presented by tour operators, spas, as well as the organizers of the active leisure, guests, visitors have the opportunity to taste and purchase traditional products.Region attractions - natural, cultural and above all culinary of our Region, including the offer of Pomorskie Culinary Heritage Network members. Tourists and residents in these days visiting Fair Centre "PARK" could enjoy the richness of flavors and fragrances,
including preparations of undergrowth from Food Production Plant Stefan Skwierawski straight from Tuchola Forest, delicious honey from Organic Beekeeping EKO BARĆ from Biernatka, as well as the famous dumplings from Dębnica Kaszubska prepared by Agrotourism "U Marysi". To visit our region and encourage to use the active leisure invited Active Recreation Center "Koszałkowo" -Wieżyca.

The fair was accompanied by numerous lectures on the historical cuisine. Cooks and historians remind forgotten products, flavors and historical old recipes.

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New members of the Culinary Heritage Pomorskie

Network expanded. 10 new members received certificates on November 3,
To join the network:

Zakład Produkcji Spożywczej Stefan Skwierawski from Brusy

Anna and Piotr Lisakowscy "Restauracja Gryfon" from Jastarnia

The company "Polanka", Wolental

Bakery Janca from Smołdzino

Restaurant "Biały Miś" from Wieżyca

Agritourism Łapalice

Jabłoniowy Dworek Kociewie from Malenin

Agricultural Farm Barbara Marcin Michalak from Żuromino

Organic Beekeeping Farm Eco-Barć from Biernatka

Gościniec Malinówka from Krzeszna

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Fair Nature Food

Between 3-5 October held VII International Fair of Organic and Regional Food NATURE FOOD 2014. It is one of the most important events for the high-quality food in Poland. The current edition was full of the attractions. Also Pomorskie showed great products from regional producers. At our stand you could enjoy the flavors of honey from Biernatka, try surprising variations on goat cheese, taste meats from the Kaszuby, and preparations of the undergrowth from Brusy.

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Pomerania presented is impressive!

Once again Pomorskie participated in the Fair Tastes of Regions, held in parallel with the exhibition POLAGRA FOOD. Between 27-30 September to Poznan came local, traditional and regional foods manufacturers of fourteen Polish regions and from Italy and Croatia. This year our presentation won second place in the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development competition as "the most interesting promoting of the Fair Tastes of Regions", and two Pomeranian companies, members of the Culinary Heritage Pomorskie- Fungopol sp. j. and Pomorski Browar Tradycyjny returned with medals from Poznan.
At the stand we presented the Pomeranian Region attractions - nature, culture, and above all our cuisine, including the offer of Culinary Heritage members.

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Study visit in Region Lazio and Marche (Italy)

Between 26-31 August delegation from the Pomorskie took part in a study visit to Italy. The composition of the participants were from both local authorities and the level of government, as well as members of the Network of Culinary Heritage Pomorskie. the visit was also attended by representatives of Warmia and Mazury and Kujawsko-Pomorskie regions.
The aim of the visit was to exchanged knowledge and experience with regard to possible implementation in the region of good practice based on the experience of the Marche and Lazio region in the development of entrepreneurship in rural areas, including in particular rural tourism, educational farms and food quality, as well as direct sales of food and the integration of manufacturers.
Exchange of experience in the field of development of broad-based agriculture, local food production, innovative forms of selling, agrotourism and measures for their promotion, held by numerous discussions with representatives of the Polish side and representatives of Italian institutions, companies, associations and producer groups, and through visits to places.
These Italian regions showed, as each successive stage of local food marketing success is achieved through cooperation, affiliation, support each other by individual contractors who care about short chains of food. The key is trust and willingness to cooperate, based on information about the origin of the product. At the same time the delegation familiarized with different solutions, technologies subject to veterinary inspection and sanitary. This knowledge allowed us to compare and share their know-how of Italian and Polish participants in the meetings. Having such knowledge, supported by our own observations, it can serve as a guidepost for the development of agriculture and food quality in the Pomorskie Region.

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Amber Laur granted!

In Gdansk, August 2, 2014., during exposure Pomeranian flavors on St. Dominic's Fair we had the opportunity to see Hanna Zych-Cisoń, who cooked live with Malika, well- known restaurateur from tv programme Top Chef. The dish served that day was a soup with parsnips with Kashubian honey and mushrooms from Bory Tucholskie and leg of lamb served with blueberry and pear. All products are inscribed on the List of Traditional Products. Amber Laur was awarded for the best regional dish commission considered crucian carp in sour cream with cranberries.

Amber Laur awarded in the following categories:
• regional dish:
crucian carp in sour cream with cranberries - Halina Rogińska and Tomasz Kossakowski of Agroturism Gościna, Kaliska Kościerskie

• the product of animal origin:
worszta (sausage meat) - Andrzej and Brygida Kąkolowie, Mojuszewska Huta

• the product of vegetable origin:
marinated boletus - the company Fungopol sp.j. Cis-Bankiewicz, Skórczewski, Brusy

• regional drinks and alcoholic beverages:
Kociewskie wheat beer - Sebastian Wawszczak and David Fandrejewski, Traditional Pomeranian Brewery ,Gdynia

• Other regional product:
dumplings with lamb lungs - Maria and Roman Jońca of Agroturism U Marysi, Dębnica Kaszubska

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Product Feast of Traditional completed!

The square at the Oliwa Cathedral in Gdansk, June 1, 2014. Had the opportunity to taste the specialties of the traditional cuisine of the region of Pomerania. For the eighth time took place here Pomeranian Traditional Feast of the Product.
The event was visited by a lot of residents, including visitors from outside of Pomerania. This year, the numbers represented a group of exhibitors were members of the Network of Culinary Heritage - Pomorskie, whose stands are placed in the square in front of the Cathedral. However, in the alley along the Cathedral stands were local food producers and processors of high quality and the wheels of rural housewives. Visitors to this year's Festival Product Pomeranian Pomeranian delighted Traditional flavors, including preparations of undergrowth, fragrant countryside bread, golden honey, smoked meat and fish, and local liqueurs and traditional beer Pomeranian. Our products also presented artists craftsmen from the region of Pomerania.

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"Korona Smakosza" for the restaurant "Kuchnia Rosyjska"

Korona Smakosza is the first nationwide poll for the best restaurants, cafes and bars, where the organizers give voice into the hands of consumers.
In the 20 cities in Poland, customers of restaurants, pubs and cafes will choose their favorite dining evaluating them in 10 categories.
Member of the Network of Culinary Heritage Pomorskie Restaurant "Kuchnia Rosyjska" took first place in the category Lunch and 2nd place in the category of quality of service. Congratulations!

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On 27th of April Pomorskie participated in the exposure organized by the Polish Chamber of Regional and Local Product "TABLE OF GIFTS OF THE EARTH" - only, showing in such a wide range of potential regional culinary heritage. The presentation was also information and education shaping consumer attitudes towards choice of natural foods produced using traditional methods and the protection of biodiversity in agriculture by tapping into the roots of the natural, historical and cultural. On the stand Pomorskie presented excellent honey from organic apiary Ekobarć in Biernatka. Pomorskie Culinary Heritage was represented by the company MIK Irena Janczukowicz-Kosewska with unique Żuławski Oil of rape cold pressed.

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Award for Dairy Cooperative in Skarszewy!

Between 4-6 of April. during the Fair Products Traditional and Ecological Regionalia in Warszawa Member of Culinary Heritage Pomorskie "Dairy Cooperative" in Skarszewy received the Award from the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development for cheese Old Szeneker!

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Fair Good Taste and Regional Delicacies Slow Food

Between 10-13 April Marshal's Office of Pomorskie Voivodeship participated in the Fair Good Taste and Regional Delicacies "Slow Food" in Stuttgart.
The main purpose of the fair is to promote regional natural food, which is the opposite of fast food. Partner of the fair is Italian SLOW FOOD Organization that promotes the idea of good taste of food and the joy and satisfaction of eating this kind of food. Fair "Slow Food" is addressed to a wide audience, to all who appreciate the natural and tasty food. Each edition of the fair is very popular, as confirmed by last year's edition - more than 400 exhibitors and 55,000 visitors.
During the Fair "Slow Food" Pomorskie Region presented high-quality local food derived from leading producers from our region, including members of Pomorskie Culinary Heritage (Pomorski Browar Tradycyjny, Fungopol and Zakład Produkcji Spożywczej Stefan Skwierawski, Drobgen).
Participation in this project is funded by the Regional Secretariat of the National Rural Network.

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Another product from Pomorskie Voivodship on the List of Traditional Products

On 28 of March Kashubian Cranberry pounded raw was entered on the List of Traditional Products. There are now 137 products from Pomorskie on the list.
Cranberry is a shrub encountered mainly on peatbogs. In Poland, this plant can be found mainly in the north of the country, mostly in the Kashubian wetlands and marshes. Kashubian Cranberry pounded raw is valued not only because of the taste, but also because it is very rich in vitamin C.
The applicant is Halina Rogińska, Member of the Pomorskie Culinary Heritage owner of the Agrotourism Gościna

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Grand Prix for the Pomorskie Marshal's Office during the Tourism Fair “WYPOCZYNEK " in Toruń.

Between 15-16 of March in Exhibition Centre PARK in Torun we had the opportunity to familiarize with the offer of cities and tourist regions. The organizer of the event were Toruńskie Targi.
This year's fourth edition of Tourism Fair “WYPOCZYNEK” was unique to our region. Our stand was visited by numerous tourism fair visitors. Certainly quite an attraction was the band " Kapela Zamkowa " playing for the visitors regional Kashubian music.
On the stand of Pomorskie you could taste traditional dishes inscribed on the List of Traditional Products , led by the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development: bread from Pirsno , Kashubian kiszka , purcle, barbecued hylyng , fish soup, strawberry mousse, all prepared by farmhouses. Visitors could buy honey from organic Apiary Ekobarć in Biernatka, which lies in picturesque surroundings of Bory Tucholskie. Culinary Heritage of Pomorskie was represented by Kaszubska Koza Agricultural Farm from Robaczkowo, giving the visitors a unique opportunity to taste cheese made from goat's milk .

During the fair was held Festival of Tastes. Pomeranian accent was participation of excellent chef fom Restaurant "Gothic Cafe" member of the Network Culinary Heritage Pomorskie in Malbork Mr. Bogdan Gałązka. Visitors also had the opportunity to listen to his lecture about the kitchen in times of Teutonic Knights .

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The ceremonial unveiling of the logo!

On 30.12.2013 new member of the Network of Culinary Heritage Pomorskie Region Agricultural Farm of Małgorzata and Janusz Staniak from Wiślina in Pomorskie organized ceremonial unveiling of the enamel sign with Culinary Heritage logo. Among the guest we had a chance to see the mayor of the municipality and other representatives of local authorities, friends of the owners and neighbors. Local television has completed a short documentary of the event. After the ceremony guests had the opportunity to taste the local specialties.

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New members of the Network of Culinary Heritage Pomeranian!

December 10, 2013. new members received certificates:

1. Ogrodnictwo „Lawenda”, Gdańsk- Orunia
2.Gospodarstwo Rolne Małgorzata i Janusz Staniak, Lędowo, gm. Pruszcz Gdański
3.Restauracja „Kuchnia Rosyjska”, Gdańsk
4.Sklep „Naturalnie Regionalne”, Gdynia
5.Pomorski Browar Tradycyjny, Gdynia
6.Gospodarstwo Agroturystyczne Winnica „Pod Orzechem”, Miradowo, gm. Zblewo
7. „Barka FLISAK Restauracja na wodzie” ,Malbork, gm. Malbork
8.Restauracja „Moja Weranda”.

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