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If you don't know what to cook with regional products from Lower Silesia, watch programs "Do it with taste!" and discover delicious recipes for dishes with products certified by the Culinary Heritage of Lower Silesia.

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Culinary Heritage Network Lower Silesia increasingly popular

Culinary Heritage Networkis becoming more and more popular on Lower Silesia. On Saturday, April 12 at the Regional Presentation Tables Traditional Easter Palm and Easter eggs for Culinary Heritage Network Lower Silesia joined 10 new participants:

1 Kasinka - Katarzyna Zawada
Manufacturer of pressed apple juice and juice with the addition of plum, black chokeberry, peach, raspberry, currant, cherry, carrot cake.

2 Restaurant "Graniczna" ("Border") - Alice Kocoń
The restaurant serves regional dishes: beef stew with dumplings and vegetables; pancakes with a sauce of wild mushrooms; "Trout Radkowski" in vegetables

3 Department of Trade and Fruit and Vegetable Processing "Ścinawa" sc
Ścinawa is the first and largest Polish manufacturer patisson canning yellow, enjoying great popularity among Polish and foreign consumers.

4 Kruszyna Tavern - Leopold Habiniak
Cuisine with traditions based on the old and proved recipes, in which, when sweltering heat you will quench your thirst with curd and to that, you'll taste dumplings with blueberries.

5 Restaurant "My Corner" Scandic Wroclaw / Wroclaw
My Corner Restaurant is not an ordinary hotel restaurant, it lives the life of local society, high culture and regional delicacy.

6 Restaurant Bernard SC
The Menu is inspired by Lower Silesian cuisine, as well as the newest trends and techniques of preparing dishes. Bernard’s cooks enjoy preparing old, traditional recipes with contemporary forms and arrangements.

7 PSTRĄG-MAR Danuta Ćwikła
Fish bar invite you to fish bar where you can eat the Kłodzko trout - registreted on the List of Traditional Products in 2012.

8 Villa Elise Park Pension
The restaurant offers regional and traditional dishes based on products from Lower Silesia.

9 Castle Czoch in Sucha
The restaurant, which is located in the castle, serves traditional regional dishes, including: mushroom soup noble.

10 Restaurant "Rynek 43"
To experience the tastes of the former Swidnica invites you on a culinary journey into the past.
"Flavors of Świdnica":
- Black pudding-Strudel and apple vinaigrette
- Carp soup with red lentil
- Wild boar in the crown
- Bolk's Bite

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