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Culinary Heritage Opolskie visiting the Pfalz region

From 3 to 5 June, a delegation of 22 people from biz partners in Opole, Poland visited the Palatinate. In two and a half days we presented some of our companies that represent the culinary heritage of Pfalz. Looking behind the scenes and seeing production processes was a special highlight and gave impetus and inspiration to our Polish friends.

At Weinessiggut Doktorenhof in Venningen it was explained how to make fine vinegar in the traditional way. To experience vinegar as an aperitif was a completely new experience for many.

At winery Schäfer in Mussbach the guests got an overview of the traditional grape varieties of our region, and got to know new wine styles. On the terrace overlooking the vineyards and the Haardtgebirge ...

Butcher Pelgen from Neustadt meanwhile provided sandwiches and classic Neustadter "Sauschwänzelscher" for a snack before the tour went on, to ...

Bähr Alkoholfrei in Mussbach - here we had a tasting with non-alcoholic seccos and Schorle (Spritzer) drinks. At 30 degrees C one clearly sees the advantage that alcoholfree drinks can bring - without missing the taste of wine.

Sparkling wine in traditional production, fermented on the bottle, was then to taste next at the Heim'sche Sektkellerei in Neustadt. A comprehensive introduction to the production processes of sparkling wines was followed with interest.

Dinner with Pfälzer bratwurst, sauerkraut and fried potatoes was thereafter served at Weinstube Eselsburg. In a sociable round everyone listened to the words of the owner Anette Berberich, who told the story of the Urpfälzischen Lokals.

The next day began with a visit to butcher Hardt in Limburger Hof, here owner Wolfgang Hardt led us through the 'sausage kitchen' and the meat processing area was also shown. Genuine hand craft and with certificates of origin of the animals.

Dirk Christ then showed the group through the halls of the Quartier Christ, asparagus and strawberries farm, in Neustadt and explained the process of the asparagus harvest and all that comes with it. Guests were visibly impressed by the professionalism that prevailed here. The cleaning of the asparagus, the elaborate sorting into a variety of grades, the packaging for the resellers and of course the farm shop.

Now a short visit in the old town of Neustadt, where Carlo Piccillo, employee of the tourist information, led us on a small city tour. We also passed by Confiserie Michel, where owner Jochen Müller spontaneously invited to the bakery. His wife donated a farewell ice cream - homemade, of course. Wonderful.

The next stop was in Forst, at Weingut und Gutssausschank Spindler. Markus Spindler led us into the vineyard and showed parts of the cellars and offered a Grand Cru wine, the Forster Ungeheuer riesling, to taste, before it was time for lunch. Here we enjoyed Palatine Saumagen while enjoying the view of the Forster vineyards.

Now it was time for spirit - which we got a taste of at distillery Axel Hubach in Bad Durkheim. He explained his distillery and gave several varieties to try, there were many questions asked and the vibrations good.

At the winery Eymann in Gönnheim, Ingeborg Wagner-Eymann awaited us with a wonderfully charming wine tasting, that was accompanied with a pork steak from the Schwäbisch-Hallische Landschwein an old race, that had been prepared by Rainer Eymann himself.

The final day of the tour ended with a visit to Königsbach, to the goat dairy Zeiselbacher Hof, where Antje Wutzke had prepared eight sorts of cheese from her assortment. Good talks were held, and especially one goat cheese producer from the Opolskie group praised the quality of the samples very much.

Full of impressions, it was time to say goodbye. Thank you for the visit and the interest in our region.

We will arrange a return visit for our Biz partners. So, maybe until next year in Opolskie!

The trip was organized by the representation of the Opole Voivodeship in Mainz, with Mr. Przemyslaw Lebzuch, and the Marshal's Office of the Opole Voivodeship, with Mrs. Anna Bodzioch

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