All the cheeses from Stafva farm dairy are made of organic cow milk from a nearby farm.
GROTTBLÅ The Stafva Grotto Cheese is aged for about seven weeks in the
Lummelunda Caves until mould has spread over the cheese.
After that it is stored at the dairy for another three months. It is a
Roquefort-type of cheese.
STAFVA VIT White creamy. Maturing 6 weeks –2 months. Camembert-type
of cheese.
OCKRA Washed rind cheese. Is washed each day for 3 weeks in salted
water. Maturing for 2-3 months.
AMARELLA Hard cheese. Maturing for a minimum of 4 months. Seasoned
with cumin.

Hejnumkällingen cheeses are made from cow milk at ”Prästgården” ( the
vicarage farm) in Hejnum, The farm dairy was established in February, 2009.
BLÅSKIMRANDE Blue cheese. Maturing 2 – 6 months.
BRIELLIANTA Creamy white cheese. Maturing 2 – 4 months,
Brie-type of cheese.
GULDGULA Washed rind cheese. Maturing at least 3 months.
KÄLLARLAGRAD Hard cheese. Pressed and washed. Maturing at least
GÅRD for 4 months in a cave-like cellar. Nutty aroma.

The picture was taken by Bruno Ehrs for the book Taste of Gotland
Serve the cheeses with carrot marmelade (Widegren Gård).

The recipe is from:
Hushållningssällskapet Gotland
Lövsta, Roma
62254 Romakloster
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