Happy pig sandwich

Heat frying pan and fry the bacon slices until they are crispy and golden.

Cut 3 large sliced white bread, toast the bread light, and cut in two. Use 3 half slices for each sandwich.

Butter aioli or garlic mayonnaise on white bread.

Then add layers of red lollosalat, bacon and slices of beef tomato, between white bread.

Cut slices in two delicious sandwiches, and three cocktail sticks with olive slices through.
For 2 persons

10-12 slices bacon
3 large slices of white bread
Some leaves red lollosalat
1 piece beef tomato
2 pieces green olives
2 x cocktail sticks
Brødr Ringstad

The recipe is from:
Brødr Ringstad
Bedriftsveien 10
1890 Rakkestad
[email protected]

Production & Processing 
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