Smoked mackerel from the Oslo Fjord

Add 18g of salt and 12g of sugar per kilo of filet. This measure may also be used on other types of fish and meat. Massage the spice gently into the filet and leave over night. Wipe filets before smoking. The traditional way of smoking is cold smoking – I.e 2-8 minutes on maximum 30c.

There are many smoking methods, but all of them involve smoke being released into an airtight container where the filet is exposed to the smoke for X amount of minutes or hours, depending on taste. Smoke with caution as to heavy smoke can lead to an acidic and way too smokey taste. The principle of smoking is easy, but the ratio of time to smoke requires some practice.

Serve the mackerel with your favourite sides, in this recipe we suggest asparagus, cucumber and dill. You can add a dollop of sour cream, alternatively fromage frais which tastes wonderful with this mackerel.

Recipe provided by Chef Bent-Åge Rustad

Photo: Mats Olsen

Filet of mackerel



Wood cuttings for smoking

The recipe is from:
Gamle Tårnhuset restaurant
1410 Kolbotn
[email protected]

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