Grilled mussels with herb butter and homemade mayonnaise

The shells should be closed or will close if you push a little on the. If they are closed or will close with a little push they are healthy and alive. They should also smell seawater. Rinse the outside of the shells before grilling.

Place shells on a large piece of aluminum foil with butter on top. Make one packet to each guest. Pull the sides of the foil together. Let it be a hole at the top. Pour white wine over the shells and close the bag so that nothing runs out. Place the packets on a preheated grill and place on lid for faster cooking. Let the shells grill for approx. 3-4 minutes and serve with a nice glass of wine or juice, mayonnaise and good bread!

Herb Butter
Use plenty of fresh, washed herbs, lightly chopped and free of stalk.

Mix about 50/50 herbs and normal salted butter and mix it in a food processor until its a smooth and green mass. Add the butter onto plastic film and form as a sausage. Place it cold. The butter tastes great for both fish and meat and is perfect to have left in the fridge for lazy days of summer barbecue.

Mix everything except the oil in a measuring cup that holds minimum 5 dl. Run this together into a smooth mixture with a blender in the measuring jug. Dilute with oil while still running with hand blender and whether the mayonnaise becomes slightly thick or thin you can adjust by either adding more oil (if too thin) or a little cold water (if too thick). Note that the flavors should mature before serving. Therefore make the mayonnaise a day before serving. If you drop the garlic you have a good basis mayonnaise that you for example can use on a slice of bread with salami.

Recipe delivered by chef Bent-Åge Rustad
Serves 4 people

Calculate ½ kg washed mussels per person, ie 2 kg fresh mussels.
2 cups white wine
50-100 g herb butter

Herb Butter
A large handful of fresh herbs such as; chives, parsley, cilantro, basil, oregano, wild garlic, etc..
200 gr normal salted butter.

2 eggs
3 dl cold sunflower oil (put it in the fridge the day before)
1 tsp fine dijon mustard
juice of ½ lemon
1 garlic clove
one pinch of sugar and salt

The recipe is from:
Gamle Tårnhuset restaurant
1410 Kolbotn
[email protected]

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