Barbecued pork

The meat needs a grilling time of 4-6 hours depending on weight and pieces on the pork.

Let the pork hang in cold storage for 24 hours for tenderizing.

Use a meatsaw to cut the spine in half, lengthwise, debone the legs (ham), and removed the shoulders from the sides

Season the entire pork inside with a mixture of paprika, salt and pepper. Then put it back in cold storage for further tenderizing for 4 days. In total give the pork 24 day degrees, 20 of which are with seasoning.

On the day of the barbeque, put the pig on a spit, and use oil and beer to add moisture and taste.

Grill oil - just whip the ingredients togheter.

Recipe delivered by chef and owner of Trollklubben Barnehage, Stefan Trygve Soos
One pork, slaughter weight 30 kg

Grill Oil:
½ liter Cold-pressed rapeseed oil
1.5 dl beer
1 tablespoon sweet paprikapowder
½ teaspoon coarsely ground pepper
1 teaspoon salt
½ teaspoon thyme

The recipe is from:
Trollklubben Barnehage
Råkollveien 107
1664 Rolvsøy
[email protected]

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