Hazelnut cakes

Mix all dry ingredients well together. Stir in egg whites and fromage frais. Finally stir in butter. Use a piping bag and fill in desired shapes. Bake at 205 degrees for 5-10 minutes, depending on size. Sprinkle with icing sugar or yopol. Serve warm.

Photo: Marte Garmann
Recipe: Kenneth Haugland
250 g sugar
125 g ground hazelnuts
110 g flour
4 g baking powder
12.5 g yopol/yogurt powder (optional)
1 g maldon salt
112.5 g fromage frais
125g egg whites
9 g of egg white powder
150g melted nutbutter (buerre noisette) - or ordinary butter

The recipe is from:
Grøndalen Gårdsmeieri
Grøndalsveien 17
1929 Auli
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