Light and fresh apple porridge with healthy barley

Boil 7 dl of water and add to 1 dl barley. Boil until tender, but with some texture. Drain excess water.

Boil water and sugar to syrup. Peel the apples and remove the core. Split into cubes, and add the apples into the syrup. Cut the vanilla pod in the long edge to open up the seeds and add all up in the boiler. Stir in the boiler gradually and cook tender. Stir so much that most are pureed, but there may still be visible apple pieces. Season to taste the porridge with a little more sugar if desired. If you have sour apples, it may require a little more sugar. Remove the pan away from the heat. Then remove the vanilla pod and stir in the cooked barley.

Cool completely before serving. Many people like it with a cream splash on, or just a little milk. We think it is best without anything.

Apple barleymeal stays at least four days in a sealed box in the refrigerator.
1 kg of apples
6.5 dl of water
1.5 to 2 dl sugar
1/2 vanilla (optional)
1 dl boiled barley
Duga AS

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