Chicken loaf cake with white asparagus

Peel the asparagus and cut into 3 cm pieces. Cook the asparagus soft in the cream and then take up the asparagus and cool it all down.
Mix chicken mince with the cold asparagus cream and milk, season with spices and parsley. When everything is well blended, put in the asparagus.
Pour into a ovenproof tin and smooth the surface. Cover with the sliced bacon.
Bake in oven at 170 º C for about 70 minutes to an internal temperature of 72 º C.

Serve with e.g. ratatouille and potatoes.

Fresh white asparagus from Spargus - Övedskloster
White asparagus is harvested under the ground and is a bit ropey in the shell and should therefore always be peeled. You peel below the knob and towards the of the asparagus. Don't forget to cut the surface of the asparagus if it has been out for a while because then it dries up and becomes hard.
White asparagus always has to cook a little bit longer than green asparagus, about 5 minutes when the water has boiled up again.
10 servings as main course
1 greased and Broad springform about 24 cm in diameter

5 hg white asparagus
3 cup cream
1.2 kg chicken mince
3 cups milk
2 hg smoked bacon in 2mm thick slices
2 cups finely chopped parsley
Salt, freshly ground white pepper and nutmeg
Sjöbo Gästgivaregård

The recipe is from:
Sjöbo Gästgivaregård
Gamla Torget
270 30 SJÖBO
[email protected]

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