Cod Head with asparagus and clam foam

Peel the asparagus, white asparagus to peel well with thicker shells and green asparagus be peeled with such thin skin as possible.
Break off the woodier part of the bottom of the asparagus, breaking the natural woody where it starts, which varies of the asparagus freshness.
Cook the asparagus in well salted water. It shall be softer but not completely soft. About 3 minutes on the green asparagus and about 5 minutes for white asparagus, of course, entirely dependent on the thickness.
Cool asparagus in ice water so cooking stops.
Shred the shallots and the woody part of the asparagus thin.
Heat the cooking oil in a pan until it's really hot and it smokes. Add the onion, asparagus slices and mussels to the pan. Put the lid on and shake the pan so it mixes.
The clams are now opening up after a few seconds, then pour in the white wine and bring to boil.
Remove the pan from the heat when it boils over the entire surface and let stand about 5 minutes.
Cut meanwhile cheeks and neck muscles from the head of the cod, and salt cheeks and neck.
Strain the mussels and add the cream of mussel bouillon and cook together.
Taste up the clam sauce with salt, pepper and possibly a little lemon.
Cut the tomato in a desired shape.
Preheat cod cheeks, wiping the neck and asparagus in the oven together with the butter until the asparagus is hot and the cod is finished baked, about 3 minutes on 150grader.
Add the tomatoes last half minutes so they get a little warm but not become mushy.
Boil the sauce and mix to a froth with a hand blender.
Place in bowl and take only the foam of the sauce that is airy and beautiful.
Serves 2 persons
A very large cod head or two smaller
4 pcs thick green or white fresh asparagus (The green asparagus from Rathckegården between Yngsjö and Åhus is delicious)
250g clams (cockles or mussels)
1 st shallots
1 tablespoon cooking oil
2 cups white wine
2 cups cream (preferably organic)
1 st Scanian tomato
10 grams Swedish butter (preferably organic)

Kastanjelunds Wärdshus

The recipe is from:
Kastanjelunds Wärdshus
Kastanjelundsgatan 2
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