Roast of Fallow deer from Trolle Ljungby

Preheat oven to 300 degrees, or the highest temperature in the oven.
Heat the oil to about 200 degrees in a saucepan.
While the oil heats, wash the potatoes and place in baking pan, let the skin remain. Put 50g of the butter in pieces.
Carefully pour the hot oil on potatoes and butter, and bake in hot oven 15 minutes.
Pour the oil from the potatoes through a sieve, and return the potatoes in the dish. If it gets cool before the meat is done, it can be heated without oil along with the meat.
Let the oven cool to 150grader.
Trim off all the skins and tendons of deer roast. Deer roast consists of several different muscles, releasing all the muscles apart and remove the bone.
Share the biggest parts so all parts are about the same size, and then you get about the same cooking time.
Season the venison steaks with plenty of black pepper and salt.
Heat a cast iron pan on high heat to it begins to smoke lightly. Pour a little oil and add the parts of deer roast. Fry the meat with two sprigs of thyme rough.
When the meat is brown on the first side, add the butter a few clicks and turn all the pieces. It is important to always have a very high temperature, otherwise the meat is fully cooked inside before the golden.
Boil plenty of salted water
Peel and root vegetables.
Boil the carrots in the well salted water in about 3 minutes. Cool them in cold water so they do not get over cooked.
Fry the parsley root in oil until they are nicely browned.
The meat, root vegetables and potatoes can now stand in front of the bench while you are receiving guests, drinking cocktail and eat an appetizer, if you so wish.
Heat the potatoes and cook the meat in the oven at 150 degrees. Always use a thermometer and cook venison roast to an internal temperature of 53-55 degrees.
While the meat is cooked in the oven, it's time to roast root vegetables and mushrooms. Put a large skillet over high heat. Add a large knob of butter in the pan and add the vegetables.
When the butter is properly silenced and hot add the chanterelles and the last thyme sprig, let twig fried with whole so that it can be easily removed. Stir in the mushrooms and root vegetables and let them cook until golden. Add finally trumpet mushrooms, mix it down and let it become hot. Then turn off the heat and season with salt, black pepper and shredded parsley.
Cut the meat into pieces. Mix up the hot potatoes with salt flakes. Serve with a flavorful gravy.

Some hints along the way!
Deer roast are perfect around 1.5 kg, which gives about 8 servings. In large deer roasts over 2 kg will be some parts easy bit chewy and small venison steaks for 1 kg gives small cuts, which are more difficult to cook just enough and more wastage.
Use of to high oven temperature makes the tougher and easily over fried. Use of to low temperature tends to become game "jelly" in texture and have an unwanted wild flavor that is reminiscent of liver. 150 degrees is not only our general recommendation for cooking meat of nobler cuts but also for fish cooked in the oven.

Serve with a strong red wine, such as an Amarone or Ripasso from Veneto in Italy.
Serves 8 persons
1 roast of fallow deer or red deer at about 1.5 kg
3 sprigs thyme coarse
1.6 kg cherries potatoes
1 liter of cooking oil
150 g organic butter
8 small carrots (preferably organic from Nöbbelöv)
4 roots of parsley (preferably organically grown from Nöbbelöv)
3 hg cleaned chanterelles
1.5 hg gutted black trumpet mushroom
1 sprig of parsley
Black pepper
Kastanjelunds Wärdshus

The recipe is from:
Kastanjelunds Wärdshus
Kastanjelundsgatan 2
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