Sjöbo Gästgifvaregård Spicy schnap

Wash citrus fruits and cut off the peel (not the white that is bitter).
Shred the peel of the citrus fine.
Mix all the ingredients with brandy.
Let stand at room temperature for one day.
Served refrigerator cold or at room temperature.

38% alcohol
1 bottle of Vodka
½ st Orange - peel + juice
½ st Lemon - peel + juice
1 st Star anise
1 st Cinnamon Rod
3 pc Allspice
3 pcs Clove
10 cl Peechtree - Liqueur
1 tbs Raw sugar
Sjöbo Gästgifvaregård

The recipe is from:
Sjöbo Gästgifvaregård
Gamla Torget
275 21 SJÖBO
[email protected]

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