Lamb chops with Indian flavors and barberries rice

Start with the rice. Fry the barberries in some margarine in a saucepan.
Add water and honey and let it all fry a minute while stirring.
Set the pan with the berries to the side. Cook the rice according to the directions on the package. Add the barberries and finely chopped mint.

Slice the apples, let the shell remain. Roast lamb chops and apple slices in margarine. Add salt and pepper and set to side. Chop all onions. Fry the onions in the pan. Add the sambal, garam masala and cream. Add the lamb and apple slices and let everything simmer a few minutes. The meat taste best if it's a little pink. Do not stir too much since the apples will fall apart. Serve the lamb chops with barberries rice.
4 port

2 apples
4 lamb chops
1-2 tbsp oil
½ onion
1 garlic clove
½ teaspoon sambal oelek
½ tablespoon garam masala
2 dl cream

Barberries rice
1 cup dried barberries
1-2 teaspoons liquid margarine
2 tbsp water
1 tbsp honey
3 dl basmati rice
1 dl finely chopped fresh mint
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