Katrinas vegetarian season lasagna

Start by putting the oven on 200grader
Fry the finely cut garlic, onion and tomato paste in 2 tablespoons oil. Add the water
Grease the mold with the remaining oil and add the 4 plates
Pour half of the tomato and onion sause
Lay another 4 plates lasagna
Fill up all the creme fraiche / water and all the green leaves (shredded or cut into pieces)
Add the last plates and top with the tomato sauce and then the grated cheese on top.

After about 25 minutes, it is ready.
For 4 people:

12 lasagna plates (precooked)
½ dl olive oil
about 1 dl good tomato paste
a large clove of garlic
one large onion
1 dl water
about 5 fresh tomatoes
a small jar of sour cream + just as much water
2 large handfuls of fresh green leaves (spinach, chard, Ruccula, dandelion greens, etc.)
salt and pepper, and favorite herbs and chilli
about 1 dl grated cheese

FoodArt på GoaGård

The recipe is from:
FoodArt på GoaGård
Hyllingevägen 197

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