King Farm Giant rye bread

Mix together all ingredients except salt.
Let rest for 60 minutes.
Knead in the machine or by hand until the dough is smooth (5-8 minutes).
Add the salt and knead about another 4 minutes.
Let the dough rest in the tin or tray as has been oiled with canola oil, or other cooking oil, for 60 minutes.

Turn the dough: Take hold of the dough and fold it from side to side over itself twice.
Rest additional 60 minutes.
Shape gently into two major bread.
Set in the fridge to slow fermentation 1-2 days. The longer it ferments, the more acidic it becomes.

Sear a beautiful pattern in the surface with a cut knife.

Bake at 250 degrees about 30 minutes until it had a deep brown color.
1 liter of water
1 kg rye sourdough
1.5 kg of wheat flour
500 g rye flour
50 g sea salt (in the end)

Use preferably organic and locally produced flour!

1 kg rye sourdough consists of 375 g rye flour and 6 ¼ dl water
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