Run all ingredients, except tomato juice and cider, in the blender (save half the apple), until everything is fine.

Add the tomato juice and cider. Season with lemon, tabasco, salt / pepper. Add minced apple (the second half).

Pour the soup into a bowl and set it cold for serving, preferably overnight for best flavor.
Serve with Ingelsta turkey breast or smoked Proscuitto di Ingelsta.

This recipe is created by the chefs at Café & Restaurant Kärnhuset; Mattias Skoglund and Madléne Månsson.
1 cucumber - peeled and divided
6 medium tomatoes - blanched, peeled and divided
1 red onion
1 red bell pepper
1 yellow pepper
3 cloves of garlic
1 dl olive oil
6 dl tomato juice Kiviks
2 dl apple cider
Ev. red chili or 2 tablespoons Kiviks apple chutney with garlic and peppers
Tabasco, a dash of
lemon juice
salt / pepper
fresh herbs - basil, thyme or according to taste and season
1 large fresh apple cut in chunks
Kiviks Musteri

The recipe is from:
Kiviks Musteri
277 35 KIVIK
[email protected]

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