Our own barbeque

Start by marinating organic lamb or organic lamb picnic bog in Havängsbodarnas marinade for meat for up to 2 days, it becomes more tender the longer it is in the marinade. Approx. 150g meat without bone or 250g of meat with the bone is moderate portions.
Barbecue the meat a few minutes on each side. 1-3 minutes if you like rare meat, 5-8 minutes if you want to have it well done. The time also varies with the thickness of the meat. Remember not to have the grill too hot so it is burned. Turn the meat occasionally so you get a lovely barbecue surface.

French Potato Salad
Boil firm potatoes (in spring / summer, we recommend Soloist or Rocket, the fall wonderful Laura) and let it cool. Cut the potatoes and raw sugar peas or sugar snap peas into bite sized pieces. Chop the onion finely. Mix the dressing: Take 1 dl Ramson Oil from Gunnarshög, 0.6 dl vinegar from Österlenkryddor, 2.5 tbsp. Haväng Honey, herb salt from Österlenkryddor and optional ground pepper. Mix all vegetables, diced potatoes and dressing and let stand for at least a few hours, preferably until the day after. Expect 200-300 g / person. Do you have fresh garlic, thyme or tarragon so chop them finely and sprinkle over and it looks beautiful before serving.

Mix in the bottom of your salad bowl: Any flavoured oil from Gunnarshög, one of the good vinegar from Österlenkryddor, Dunder Mustard from Haväng Products, sugar from Österlenkryddor, and maybe some water.
Taste your way to your own proportions! Cut organic salad of mixed varieties, large pieces Orelund tomatoes, Swedish good cucumber and additionally what the season offers. Just revel in lots of good vegetables! Mix it all around so the dressing is distributed in the salad. Sprinkle over some toasted pumpkin or sunflower seeds, it nibbles so well!

Serve the freshly grilled meat with salads and have Haväng Products' chutneys and jellies to. Taste delicious!
Organic lamb or organic lamb picnic bog - about 150g of meat without bone or 250g meat with bones

French Potato Salad:
firm potatoes
snow peas or sugar snap peas
red onion
Potato salad dressing:
1 dl Ramson Oil from Gunnarshög
0.6 dl vinegar from Österlenkryddor
2.5 tbsp. Haväng Honey
Herb salt from Österlenkryddor
Optional ground pepper

Organic salad of mixed varieties
Orelund tomatoes
Swedish good cucumber
Preferably some toasted pumpkin or sunflower seeds

Salad dressing:
Any flavoured oil from Gunnarshög
Vinegar from Österlenkryddor
Smash Mustard from Haväng Products
Sugar from Österlenkryddor
Eventually some water
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