Grilled pike salad

Fresh pike’s fillet separate from bones and dippe for 10 minutes into lemon juice and rapeseed oil. Put it on a grill, afterwards cut into slices and mix with marinated onions, salt and paper. Sort on a table with tomatoes and tomatoe souce. Serve with roasted grain bread grilled on rapeseed oil, beetroot strips and sea buckthorn jam.
1 kg pike fillet
2 lemons
rapeseed oil
1 beetroot
2 tomatoes
1 onion
tomato souce
grain bread
sea buckthorn jam.
Restaurant Rozalija, KOLONNA Hotel Rēzekne

The recipe is from:
Restaurant Rozalija, KOLONNA Hotel Rēzekne
Brīvības 2
LV-4600 Rēzekne
[email protected]

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