Home made ice cream

Pour into a casserole the milk. Add vanilla pod and put on a low heat to warm. Watch the whole time, because as soon as it seems that the milk will start to bubble, it should be taken off from the flame.
While heating up milk, foam the egg yolks with sugar to give a little more easily foamy mass.
Egg yolks slowly pour to the hot milk while actively stirring.
When everything is mixed into milk, pour the mass back into the pot. The main thing - all the time stir the eggs to break the lumps.
When it seems that the sauce is ready, then pour it in a clean container and lay the lid. Put in a cold water bath to completely cool down.
When the sauce is cold, put the ice cream machine and finished by the manufacturer's instructions (freeze for about 30 minutes). Then place into another container with a lid and put it in the freezer for a further 1-2 h.
800 ml of milk
1.5 vanilla pods
200 g of white sugar
10 egg yolks

The recipe is from:
Farm Bagātības
LV-5601 Krāslava district
[email protected]

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