Blueberries marinated herring

We recommend to buy whole herring with head. Clean the herring, separate from bones and prepare fillets (leave the skin).
Prepare the marinade. Place all ingredients in a pot, bring to boil and leave to cool. To pour cooled mass onto the gutted herring and leave for a couple of days to marinate.
Chop carrots in slices and fry on butter for some minutes. To pour water to almost cover the carrots, add salt to taste. Boil until tender, pour into the blender and turn until smooth. Slowly pour cream and stir well.
Presenting. Place carrot puree, sliced herring. Sprinkle over the hemp seeds. It can be served with oven-toasted bread slices.
4 pcs of herring with head

200g fresh or fresh blueberries
4 cloves
2 sticks of cinnamon
4 bay leaves
5g black pepper
140g of water
80g white wine vinegar
70g sugar

Carrot puree
200 g of carrots
15 g of butter
15 g of heavy cream
salt to taste
Restaurant Mykolo 4

The recipe is from:
Restaurant Mykolo 4
St. Mykolo str. 4
01124 Vilnius
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