Fried Baltic Sea turbot with potato "salad" and rouille sauce

The fish:
Wash the turbot fillets, pat dry with a clean kitchen towel and portion. Flour the fish easily from one side.
Then cook the fillet until golden brown in a nonstick grill pan from both sides. Now spread the fried fish with a little butter and cook along with the thyme for about 5 minutes in a preheated oven at 160Grad until it is glassy.

The potato "salad":
Cut the potatoes and radishes in about 5 mm cubes. Then chop the spring onions and roughly tease the lettuce and radicchio leaves. Fry the potatoes goldenbrown in a pan. Add radishes and spring onions and cook briefly. At the very end, just before serving add the delicate lettuce and radichio leaves and mix the salad with a light dressing of balsamic vinegar and canola oil.
The fish:
1 kg fillet of turbot
1 sprig of thyme
20 g butter
20 g vegetable oil for frying
Salt and pepper

The potato "salad":
500 g boiled potatoes (waxy variety)
50 g radishes
2 stalks of spring onions
4 lettuce leaves
50 g rocket
2 radicchio leaves
20 g vegetable oil for the pan
Salt and pepper
10 g white balsamic vinegar
30 g canola oil
Hotel Bernstein

The recipe is from:
Hotel Bernstein
Hochuferpromenade 8
18586 Ostseebad Sellin
[email protected]

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